5 must-try Outdoor landscape trends of 2020

The year 2020 might have been a very bleh year for the majority of us with three-quarter of the year being obscured by COVID19 and the numerous lockdowns that followed en suite. Although we cannot control what happens in the external world we can make the best of our time and use up these 5 outdoor landscape ideas that will let you chill and take in some sun without the need of hand sanitizer.

Outdoor landscaping is an ever-evolving form of art with numerous trends taking centre stage every year. No matter what your taste in landscaping might be, these additions can be the perfect base for your future outdoor landscaping ideas.

Shaded Pergolas

Who doesn’t love a good old pergola? Pergolas are good at multitasking; providing you cover from rain and sun while also being a base structure for hanging plants, blooming vines and so many other kinds of plants that get your imagination running. With the numerous styles of pergolas available in the market, you can find one in a shape that fits your style and add some wow-factor to your outdoor space. A pergola is also a good place to set up a BBQ spot or a few lounge chairs for you to relax outdoors. The possibilities are endless! For a clear idea of what you want, visit Agroturf for some inspiration and guidance.

Build a BBQ spot

Coming right in line after the pergola, everyone loves BBQ, especially when you can do it in your own backyard. A BBQ area adds some excitement as it can be the hotspot for family gatherings or neighbourhood parties. Agroturf’s wide selection of outdoor kitchens and BBQ setup designs will get you excited to incorporate one in your backyard too.

Bring in the lights

Outdoor lighting trends have evolved over time. In 2020, light fixtures are designed to accentuate architectural features and other natural elements of the outdoor landscape. The lighting options are numerous and can cause confusion in many homeowners. Stop by Agroturf for some inspiration and expert opinion on your outdoor lighting possibilities.

Set up a sculpture

From wood and concrete to marble and stone, sculptures come in varying materials, shapes and sizes. A sculpture in your backyard can add another level of elegance and be a reflection of your choices. A sculpture can be incorporated as a water feature or just a stand alone in the garden. Be it big or small, a sculpture can tie in all elements in your outdoor space to give a sophisticated yet artsy look.

Go bold with the colors

Colors add vibrancy to any space, but when it is done with plants it exudes a different kind of charm. Bright colored flowers bring joy and beautify the outdoor space. Agroturf has a variety of plants that you can use to add pops of colour around your outdoor area.

Now that you have an idea of 2020’s top trends, which one of these or many will you be adding to your outdoor space? If you can’t make your mind or already have a plan but don’t know how to execute it get in touch with Agroturf’s skilled team of designers. You can bring a design of your choice or trust our designers to create one for you that will make your outdoor space as unique as you. For further details call us on +971 (0) 43 99 2078 or WhatsApp +971 55 495 0004.