Soft Landscaping Company In Dubai

One of the most fun, innovative, and engaging stages of garden renovation is soft landscaping. The greening procedure can be used in gardens of all sizes and types.

Fresh fields with lush green grass, eye-catching flower beds with bright, attractive flowers, lovely lawns and ridges, outstanding and expressive hedges – all of these landscape design strategies may turn any backyard into a wonderful haven. Our garden landscaping leaves the customer well pleased. It is not a mere coincidence that we are the best landscaping company in Dubai.
We recommend that you use our services if you want your garden to please you for many years.

Softscape features in a landscape are important in generating a variety of sensory experiences and sentiments, such as scent, sound, and touch, all of which can be manipulated by changing a few of these fundamental factors.

Agroturf is in a unique position to assist you to reach your goals, whether your project starts with a blank canvas or an established garden that only needs some improvements.

Plant material selection and location can make the difference between good and truly exceptional landscape design. We are proud of the plant materials we have chosen. While we are willing to employ common plants to create a visually appealing arrangement, our speciality is discovering exotic and unique flora that offers each home a particular and luxuriant look. Our well-selected plants are also environment-friendly and the best for all your villa landscaping Dubai services too. These services place us as one of the best villa landscaping companies in Dubai.

We do Soft Landscaping

Be it a garden, park, backyard, patio or corporate property in UAE, the Agroturf team will give it a makeover that will exude your personality. In order to achieve the look you desire, we will study the area that requires landscaping, consider your desired effect and the selection of plants.

Our team’s visionary ideas and expertise in soft landscaping installations transform lifeless areas into lavish gardens and lush corporate front yards. With years of unparalleled experience in design and installation of luxurious gardens, we will build a sensational masterpiece or an easy-to-look after border. Our knowledge and ideas are beyond compare!

Our Soft Landscaping services include consultation, design and furnishing services for residential and commercial clients, consisting of:

  • Turfing
  • Hedging
  • Tree Planting
  • Ground works
  • Top soils/Sub soils
  • Irrigation systems
  • Lake works
  • Design (Detail/Development)
  • Wild flowers, seeding and bulbs
  • Shrubs, Perennials, herbaceous plants


The live part of the plan is referred to as soft landscaping. Because trees, plants, and living elements all contribute to the overall composition, this part of a garden design project is given careful thought. Hard landscaping materials such as decking, paving, walls, and pergolas create sharper edges, which are softened by the softscape elements. Our soft landscaping services will completely transform your outside space and help you realize your garden dreams.


Plants, mulch, soil, trees, bushes, bedding plants, and turf are all examples of softscape materials that come from nature. Consulting a professional garden design firm like Agroturf not only provides the artistic aspect of colors and aesthetics, but also the planting knowledge of what will perform well in your site, taking into account your soil and land structure.
With so many colours and varieties of flowers, grasses, leaves, and trees to select from, the possibilities for Soft Landscaping Dubai are practically unlimited.

We’ll work with you to design a garden that you’ll love, whether it’s a wildflower meadow, flowery borders, an open lawn, or a spot to display a unique piece of outdoor art or sculpture.

Bespoke Garden Design Service From One of the Leading Garden Landscaping Companies in Dubai

We have an award-winning track record and provide all of our customers with a personalised garden design service. We may talk about colours, types, and species that would suit your lifestyle and requirements. With our Soft Villa Landscaping Dubai services, we can bring your ideas to life, whether you’re seeking a low-maintenance garden or an entirely new layout and planting scheme. From personal gardens to show gardens, the Outdoor Options team excels at creating landscapes of all shapes and sizes.

Our softscaping Process

A phone talk regarding your desire for a new and enhanced outside space will almost always precede a renovation of your outdoor space. A site visit will be required for us to determine your desires, ideas, thoughts, possibilities, and potential finances. It’s possible that you’ve already hired a garden designer/architect to complete this process, and you’re now looking for a capable landscaper to bring your vision to reality.

If you haven’t yet hired a garden designer/architect, we can guide you through the following steps by either developing a new scheme ourselves or introducing you to a designer who can sketch out and design your idea. This doesn’t have to be a time-consuming process, but it does help everyone remember the look and feel of your desired scheme, whether it’s extensive groundwork, changing flat or raising existing garden levels, sculpting a pond or water feature, designing a stylish seating or dining area, or fashioning colourful flowerbeds. Now is the time to turn your landscaping wish list into a realization!
Please contact us to discuss how we may assist you with transforming your garden or outdoor living space.

Stages of Softscaping

  • The project’s initial phase is identifying the location of all green space in the garden;
  • The structure of irrigation systems, lighting, and the placement of artificial reservoirs follow;
  • This is followed by a direct landscape gardening technique, which includes setting in garden beds, lawns, Alpine gardens, and rose gardens.
  • We’ll put up a hedge if it’s essential;
  • The installation of beautiful sculptures and landscape architecture elements is the final step.

Our landscaping solutions will turn a garden into a lovely location to relax and unwind.