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Welcome to AgroTurf Landscaping & Swimming Pool Services

If you’re looking for a Garden Design & Landscaping company in Dubai, you’ve come to the right place. At Agroturf Landscape, we offer expert landscaping and gardening design in Dubai, turning your space into your own oasis of serenity. Whoever said the grass is greener on the other side obviously never tried our services!

Over the years, we’ve cultivated an unwavering commitment towards quality, value and customer satisfaction to grow into one of the leading landscaping companies in Dubai. Our gardening design solutions can be customized to suit your needs, no matter the size of your property or your business segment – we offer our services to property developers, institutions, hotels, healthcare providers, parks and private residences, handling both commercial and residential landscaping services in Dubai.

What really sets us apart as an unrivalled landscaping company in Dubai is the fact that our staff is dedicated towards providing the absolute best in landscape design and architecture to our clients, nurturing strong customer relationships to fully understand and meet your needs, delighting you with the ideal environment. Customer service and satisfaction is at the root of what we do, which is why we are the trusted landscaping solutions provider for several high-profile property developments in Dubai.

Having our efforts bear fruit to become a premier landscaping solutions provider in Dubai, we strive to this lofty standard in every aspect of our work, leveraging our substantial experience to produce artful craftsmanship that brings spaces to life. Moving beyond a purely aesthetic focus, we incorporate energy-efficient design principles to create gardens that complement your regional climate and reduce your heating and cooling costs.

Our portfolio of commercial landscape and gardening services includes landscaping architecture, design, development and execution, maintenance, nursery services and garden designing. Agroturf Landscape Dubai can fulfill all your Nursery and Landscape Architecture needs, from designing landscapes to selecting plants and maintaining nurseries, whether you dream of an uplifting residential landscape, or a professional commercial landscape.

We adhere to a clear, logical process – our experienced team of landscaping professionals starts out with a detailed landscape architectural plan that will give you a reliable guideline on how your space will be transformed. This way, you can also have a say in what type of landscaping elements you would prefer, enabling us to more effectively bring your dream to life. This methodical implementation of ideas is what has pushed us to the forefront of the industry as a landscaping architecture company in Dubai.

At Agroturf Landscape Dubai, our designers, architects and gardeners strive to create vibrant spaces and uplifting surroundings that are distinct, yet peaceful, giving your property a healthy touch of life that brings happiness and serenity. So whether you’re looking for residential landscaping and gardening or commercial landscaping and gardening, make sure to plant your seeds in fertile soil – choose Agroturf Landscape for your landscaping architecture solutions.

Landscape Services We Offer

Our service covers all areas from simple and small-scale jobs to full-scale projects.

Brands we’ve worked with

Here’s a snapshot of just some of the sectors and organisations we work with:

sofitel hotel
properties investment
national bonds
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The Process of Landscaping & Gardening

Only highly-attractive garden landscaping and nursery services from personal homes to business projects are rendered here at AgroTurf Landscaping Dubai. Irrespective of the space, we are able to work with it and draw an affordable budget due to your available space in square feet. The agreement you sign prior the planning and execution, is our assurance of delivering as promised. When it comes to techniques, no one comes close in the use of these techniques and procedures to develop a bare land to an evergreen paradise.


A well-detailed outdoor survey is performed by our team of well-trained Landscaping consultants, taking into consideration the nature of your land and available space. Your choice is our priority and a possible job for our group well-experienced landscaping designers.

Garden Landscape Design

After the planning and we are able to fully understand your landscaping design preferences and available garden space, we put up our drawing board. We present the garden landscaping design in 2D or 3D configuration.

Quantity & Budget

After the client is satisfied with the layout presentation, we draw our affordable budget. We indicate the materials needed together with their quantity and cost. The design is liable to change to accommodate your budget.


After an agreement on the final budget, we work om seeking authorization or the necessary license from the Dubai authorities involved in Landscaping design and maintenance. After this, we move onto the execution stage with our well-experienced landscaping architects and professional designers.

Final Landscape Maintenance

Our team of Maintenance officers monitor and makes sure that the schedule is appropriately and strictly followed to provide a durable and attractive landscaping and gardening services. We also guide our clients in maintaining the structure of their property to withstand environmental conditions.

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Why choose Agroturf Landscaping & Gardening

Agroturf’s main goal is to make sure all of its customers are happy. We believe that high-quality design solutions can always be customized to fit every budget and requirement. Choosing us as your landscaping service provider in Dubai will undoubtedly be one of the best decisions you make for your property.

Top-notch services

We do a lot of quality checks at different points in the process. At Agroturf, you can always expect the best service.

High-quality products

The materials and products that we use at Agroturf are of the highest quality and have a longer lifespan and warranty.

Best Solutions for Landscaping

Agroturf offers a full range of landscaping services, from hardscapes to softscapes, in numerous locations.

Cost-effective Landscaping

At Agroturf, we offer landscaping solutions to fit any budget. We guarantee cost-effective landscaping without any compromise made on quality.

Dedicated Customer Service

We have a dedicated customer support team that is happy to assist current and prospective clients with inquiries regarding the many services offered by Agroturf.

Prompt Delivery

Agroturf’s highly efficient team of landscaping professionals consistently strive to complete a job ahead of the stipulated timeframe. Hence, prompt delivery is always guaranteed.

Agroturf Strategy


Our mission is to create an artistic greener future for all. Our aim is to
introduce innovative and creative standards of landscaping and horticulture
by utilizing our competence and expertise.


We value customer satisfaction and make sure all our customers get their
requirements. We are flexible and leave no stone unturned in achieving
excellence in all our projects.


Agroturf’s team of landscapers and architects are experienced and
dedicated. They value integrity and are flexible. Our team members are all
nature loving and put their best effort in environmental conservation in
every project we undertake.

Frequently Asked Landscaping Questions

AgroTurf landscaping and gardening is the swimming pool and landscaping companies in Dubai if you want to employ an expert in any of the two fields. We specialize in landscape design and swimming pool installation. AgroTurf is the most experienced landscaping company in Dubai and the surrounding areas, with over ten years of experience. Contact us today for a free consultation and quotation on any landscape design project, whether it’s for a home or a business.

Modern landscaping is the process of designing, planning, and constructing gardens and other features that provide usable space for outside activities while also improving the aesthetics of a home. Hardscaping and softscaping are both included in landscaping, while many people use the terms softscaping and landscaping interchangeably. Hardscaping refers to non-organic materials such as stone and wooden, as well as retaining walls, decks, firepits, and other features. Planting schemes, burns and grading, and mulching are all examples of softscaping. In the city of Dubai, Agroturf Landscaping specializes in both landscape and hardscape design.

The initial consultation comprises of an onsite consultation to discuss your property ideas and goals.

  • Discuss the site’s options based on your preferences and budget. I will prepare a design services proposal stating the scope of work and expected fees for the project once we have mutually determined that we have a suitable foundation for partnering.
  • Annalyze all feedback from our consultation, examination of favorite photos/gardens, budget discussion, and selection of a garden color palette.
  • Analyze the site and create a base map. Includes step like measuring site, taking photographs, analyzing soil, etc.
  • Client review and concept sketches After I finish the base layout, I’ll come up with one or more ideas for you to consider. To aid in the selection of a design concept and direction, we may consult examples from books or images.
  • Developing a preliminary plan and reviewing it with the client. Determine the final position and design of all site elements, such as patios/decking, walkways, fences, arbors, play areas, outdoor kitchens/eating spaces, pool/spa/water features, lawn and planting beds, trees, and general plant materials. Determine the hardscape pieces’ building material requirements and, if appropriate, develop a landscape lighting plan.
  • Creation of a planting strategy and consultation with the client. Create a design that shows the exact position of all plant material, including botanical and common names, as well as the quantity and size of each plant. There’s also a photo report of all the plants.
  •  Prepare a final conceptual plan that includes demolition plans, hardscape plans with building materials legends, construction notes/details, lighting plans, planting plans, and potential irrigation zoning plans, to name a few.

Irrigation systems are not required for the health of your lawn or plants, but they can be beneficial. Irrigation takes care of a lot of the hard work that watering implies so you don’t have to, and it reaches areas of your lawn that you may otherwise overlook. A hose and sprinkler can save you money, but you’ll have to set timers and move the sprinkler about your yard manually. It’s simple to waste water with either option. Finally, you must consider whether or not an irrigation system is appropriate for your needs and must hire a good landscape maintenance Dubai company for maximum results.

Whether you hire a professional or not is entirely up to you, but paying close attention to your lawn will reap dozens of new benefits. It will provide a wonderful space for your family to enjoy, raise the value of your home, supply oxygen to the environment, and cool the air around your home, making the job of your air conditioner easier.

A well-established lawn will also have a deep root system that prevents erosion, runoff, and contamination of the groundwater source. Healthy lawns can trap dust and other contaminants that we want to avoid.

This depends on your circumstances. Drip irrigation is perfect for watering small areas or specific plants alongside your home at a slower rate, but a sprinkler system can cover more terrain in a shorter amount of time, making it ideal for watering large lawns. It may also be configured to water at particular times, allowing you to set it and not worry much about it. Drip irrigation also saves water by preventing evaporation and runoff, and it doesn’t wash mulch away like a heavier watering can. Consider the type of watering you’ll be doing with it and weigh the benefits and drawbacks or ask expert guidance from our landscapers.

Absolutely! Every plant does its part to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere; one tree may remove 26 pounds of carbon dioxide annually which is equal to the vehicle emissions of a vehicle that has travelled nearly 11,000 miles. Plants also assist in the removal of waste and pollution from our water source. Furthermore, trees that provide shade will keep your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, allowing your air conditioner and heating equipment to rest. If you’re thinking of adding more trees, bushes, or flowers to your yard, know that each one will improve our environment in its own manner, so go for it!

It may appear overly simple, but mow it whenever it appears to be becoming too overgrown. The length of time depends on the sort of grass you have, the weather patterns in your area, and how high you cut it. This could be done many times a week, once a week, or once every other week. Keep an eye on it and make the best decision you can. If you don’t have the time for it hire a reputed landscape maintenance Dubai firm.

We specialize in the design and construction of unique landscapes for complete or partial yards, new yards, infills, and yard makeovers. Whether its a commercial or private project, we will do an efficient job. Working together with one of our landscape designers to find your dream environment is the first step.

Landscaping a property is a major investment for any homeowner, and planning right from the start will save you money in the long term. Before any work can begin on landscaping, it must be tackled with a well-developed plan, just like any other investment. By enlisting the help of professional villa landscaping companies in Dubai, you can make your landscape fantasies a reality.