About Us

Agro Survey is Agro turf’s in-house survey department that finishes all the required groundwork before carrying out any landscaping or horticultural projects. From boots to suits, our team of Land surveyors, GIS specialists and Hydrographic Survey specialists perform the best in the industry. Their skill and expertise in their respective fields make our customers more confident in our exceptional service. We make sure to pay attention to every tiny detail with meticulous care and focus. That’s what makes Agro Survey your go to Survey specialist!

Land Survey

Mapping out the surrounding space is an important foundation for a well-planned and efficient end result. Agro Turf’s Survey department, Agro Survey conducts land surveying. We measure anything and everything on the land, sea or sky. Our land surveyors are well-experienced and perform a high-quality service. Out in the field, our land surveyors make use of modern technology and equipment to perform the survey and in office they utilize revolutionary software to draft blueprints and map out any on-site dimensions. From the suits to the boots, everything is performed with meticulous precision and attention to detail to give you a satisfactory outcome. Agro Survey performs the following procedures under land survey:

  • Land Surveying & Leveling
  • Topographic Survey (All types)
  • Corridor Alignments (Horizontal & Vertical) and Profile
  • Cadastral Surveys
  • Demarcation services
  • Setting out Survey
  • Gate level computation services
  • Digital Terrain Modeling
  • Settlement Monitoring
  • Earthworks Volumes
  • Underground Utilities Survey
  • As- Built Survey
  • Establishment of Control Station & Bench Marks
  • Precise & Differential Leveling
  • Survey Consultancy and Check Engineering
  • Hiring of Survey Crews
  • Aerial Control Mapping
  • Laser / 3D Scanning

GIS Service

A Geographic Information System, easily known as GIS is a computer system developed to record, store, alter, inspect, manage and present all forms of geographical and spatial data. It is one of the best resources in the market that is available for the controlling of geographic information. Some common examples of geographic information are road networks, land use patterns, utility locations, buildings, addresses, etc.

Agro Turf’s Survey Department, Agro Survey makes use of the Geographic Information System (GIS) to gather data and create maps that contain more information and are more precise. The information from these maps can be presented in the form of output tables, legends and charts to make displaying of information much easier.

The staff at Agro Surveys are highly talented, skilled and highly professional individuals who are really thorough with the GIS system and make use of the system to create maps with different types of layering such as raster, air photo, shaded relief, DEM, vector and other latest prevalent formats. We are proficient in transforming GIS digital maps to contain your requirements. You will not be disappointed with our detailed GIS service!

Hydrographic Survey

Hydrographic surveying is the process of measuring and describing any features related to marine navigation, marine construction, offshore oil exploration and other marine related activities. It deals with the measurement of the physical topographies of the earth’s oceans and the surrounding coastlines. The mostly focused parts are the shorelines, seabed, tides, currents and any immersed objects that relate to the above described activities.

Our skilled team of hydrographic survey specialists make use of high-quality, modern equipment that are fail proof. Their experience and talent provide the most thorough end-results.They make sure to pay attention to the tiniest details as we believe that even the smallest things can make a big difference. Hydrographic surveying is not the same when it comes to Agro Surveys!

Bathymetry :
  • Depth measurements
  • Volume estimation
  • Dredging monitoring surveys
Sonar Imaging:
  • Cable and pipeline route identification
  • Fallen objects/debris and lost anchor recovery
  • Seafloor imaging
  • Seabed sediment distribution
Sub-bottom Profiling:
  • Delineation of sediment layers
  • Buried pipeline/objects
  • Subsurface geology

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