Commercial Landscaping Services from the best landscaping Contractors in Dubai

We at Agroturf, unlike other commercial landscape companies in Dubai, do not believe in providing our customers with a collection of pre-planned designs from which to choose. Our team of skilled landscape architects have a one-to-one meeting with each of our clients to learn about their preferences, propose further designs that may be of interest to them, and then offer them one-of-a-kind, tailor-made designs to gratify their imagination. Our dedication to the well-laid-out procedures in providing the best landscape maintenance Dubai makes us a leading brand among all commercial garden landscaping companies in Dubai.

Agroturf is dedicated to building long-term, sustainable relationships with its consumers. We accomplish this by collaborating closely with our customers to provide high-quality, cost-effective grounds maintenance and landscaping services.

We truly understand our customers’ needs and requirements, as well as how to fulfil them successfully and cost-effectively, because we have over a decade of expertise delivering these devoted and customized services. Through this decade of landscape maintenance and customer satisfaction, we have built one of the best landscaping company in Dubai on the foundation of quality service provision with the aim of leaving a smile on the face of the customer.

Our Services Include

  • Tree Transplanting
  • Masonry and Paving
  • Exterior Living Spaces
  •  Irrigation Systems
  • Swimming Pool Construction
  • Wetland Planting
  • Garden Design & Maintenance
  • Artificial Grass Installation

Leading Commercial Landscaping companies in Dubai

landscaping companies in Dubai

For many years, Agroturf landscapes have been providing commercial landscapes in Dubai. Through our faultless design and execution, we have developed a wonderful relationship with all of the clients with whom we have worked over the years.

Nothing less than the best will be provided by our team of competent and energetic specialists. We have an in-house staff of expert gardeners who assist us in the design and implementation of the most attractive commercial landscape designs in Dubai and the surrounding areas.

Our commercial landscaping services are ideal in Dubai and the surrounding areas. We provide high-quality commercial landscaping at a reasonable price.

Best Maintenance for Your Commercial Landscaping

At all times, a commercial landscape must be in excellent condition! It should always be the centre of attention, surrounded by lush green turf and in fine working order all year. And this is an area where we can assist you with the upkeep of your commercial landscaping.

Agroturf Landscaping can assist you with anything that requires a quick touch-up and will help you keep them in place. We mow your lawn, prune your plants, plant greens and trees, handle pests, and fertilize and aerate your lawn. as well as eradication of weeds and trees We also take care of the architectural components that make your commercial landscape work.

Whatever your needs are, we can create a custom maintenance schedule for you.

Commercial Landscape Contractors in Dubai

Commercial landscaping Dubai

Commercial landscape maintenance Dubai is much more than mowing the lawn or adding flowerbeds to your property. Design, construction, installation, and maintenance are all part of the process.

Commercial landscape contracting necessitates the expertise of a specialist to create an aesthetically acceptable outside space for your business or office building that will appeal to your clients while also increasing the business through the atmosphere.

Leading Landscaping Company in Dubai

Our commercial landscape contractors will assist you by providing innovative ways to define your outside space and make it more effective for your sort of business while also being aesthetically pleasing regardless of the weather.

A great lawn that meets your need for a lush green landscape, an evergreen garden, easy-to-maintain irrigation systems, adding artificial lighting, creating a place to hang out or a simple seating arrangement, and more creative shading elements like gazebos and pergolas will all be included in our commercial landscaping designs. Our garden landscaping is one of a kind and second to none in terms of quality and customer satisfaction.

Contact Agroturf Landscaping at for a price if you’re thinking about adding a stunning landscape to your commercial space in hotels, malls, business centres, walkways, sports clubs, parks, beaches, or anyplace else in Dubai and the UAE.

Request An Estimate

    How it Works


    Our landscaping experts do a survey of your outdoor space, noting the topography and size. Your preferences and vision are taken into account by our team of seasoned professional landscape designers. This survey also helps our well-equipped staff understand the current state of the worksite and the required work that needs to be done in order to transform the site into your dream landscape design.

    Garden Landscape Design

    We begin the design process after we have a complete grasp of the scope of your garden space as well as your vision. After that, the garden landscaping design is supplied in either 2D or 3D format. We make sure we understand the customer’s choice because, without it, our aim of 100% customer satisfaction becomes impossible.

    Quantity & Budget

    Following the completion of the landscape design, we compile a list of the materials required as well as their total cost. Because we have the customer in mind and at heart, the design can be tweaked at this point to fit your budget.


    The paperwork, as well as clearance from the Dubai authorities, must be fulfilled once the costing is finalized. Once that’s done, our landscaping architects and designers get to work on the actual project.

    Final Landscape Maintenance

    Our professional maintenance crew guarantees that the landscaping or gardening that has been installed is kept in pristine condition at all times. We will offer our clients advice and other services to ensure that their landscape is immaculate in the long run.