Our Story

Pave the way to a beautiful landscape space, a well-organized driveway, a perfectly magical path or a patio ideal for a barbecue with friends, anything is possible with one of the best landscaping companies in Dubai, Agroturf. We are the Landscaping and Gardening Company that aims to make the United Arab Emirates a greener place, one property at a time. We assist our clients in reaching the goal of a well-designed landscape, whether it is a park, the garden of a stunning villa or an office space. We plan to revolutionize these decoration processes to an eco-friendly system of landscape design and garden design. We strive to beautify and bring to live your expectations of anything from your ideal garden or that pergola you wish to have for a relaxing evening.  Gardening and landscaping in Dubai are a form of art that brings the perfect blend of textures, colors, compositions and other crucial constituents to make a masterpiece that is a crowd-pleaser and we know the strings that need to be tweaked to pull it off.

Our employees maintain Professionalism throughout the service period, treating our clients with Respect and Integrity. Their Dedication and Experience allows us to produce masterpieces that are alluring and always fit the clients’ bill. Agroturf P.R.I.D.E’s (Professionalism, Respect, Integrity, Dedication and Experience) itself by making use of this five-word motto in all aspects of our services to give our clients the best customer experience and a result that will blow their minds away. Our team of ambitious dynamic dedicated professionals are the backbone of our excellent reputation.