5 must-try Outdoor landscape trends of 2020

The year 2020 might have been a very bleh year for the majority of us with three-quarter of the year being obscured by COVID19 and the numerous lockdowns that followed en suite. Although we cannot control what happens in the external world we can make the best of our time and use up these 5 outdoor landscape ideas that will let you chill and take in some sun without the need of hand sanitizer.

Outdoor landscaping is an ever-evolving form of art with numerous trends taking centre stage every year. No matter what your taste in landscaping might be, these additions can be the perfect base for your future outdoor landscaping ideas. Continue reading “5 must-try Outdoor landscape trends of 2020”

Dubai invests $75M for landscaping at Expo 2020

Landscaping will be prominently featured at the upcoming Dubai Expo 2020, scheduled for 20 October 2019. Dubai news agencies have reported that Dubai will be investing over US$ 75 million (DH 277 million) in landscaping and irrigation at the Expo 2020.

The desert is being transformed into a sustainable oasis for the Expo, which will feature pavilions from several different countries. 850,000 plants have already been delivered for the preparation of around 4.38 sq km of land, which will boast nurseries of trees, shrubs, flowering plants and herbs. The Dubai Municipality is involved with the contractors on landscaping.

The CEO of Real Estate Development at Expo 2020 Dubai was quoted as saying, “The plants would be either indigenous to Dubai or adaptable to the environment, and cared for using the latest sustainable technologies, such as solar power.”

“The Expo will not only feature buildings and pavilions that will impress visitors, but also trails, fountains and parks that will capture their attention, as well as the Al Wasl Dome, which will serve as a giant screen,” he said.

The Expo 2020 in Dubai will create a unique opportunity to see the highest standards of landscaping from all around the world, showcased in one convenient location. Agroturf will also be featured at the Expo, where we will display our full range of solutions among our international peers. For more details, Contact us now!