AgroTurf wins Best Performer Award 2019 From Sharjah Social Empowerment Foundation

Sharjah Social Empowerment Foundation

Agroturf LLC, a landscaping and gardening company that has been in the synthetic turf market for over 15 years, was recently bestowed the Best Performer Award by Mrs. Muna Bin Hadda Al Suwaidi – the Sharjah Social Empowerment Foundation  – for service excellence.

Agroturf’s CEO, Razeen Ahamed, stated, “Being passionate about the world of landscaping artificial grass, we always strive to improve on the services we provide. We even have a research and development team to ensure we come up with the best new products that are well-suited to the harsh, hot environment of the Middle East.”

“For instance, all our products use a UV-defender to withstand the intensity of the sun, while they are crafted without the use of lead and other harmful chemicals. Such innovations are the reason we were recognised by the Sharjah Investment and Development Authority.”

CEO Ahamed also commended the Government of Dubai for the platform it had created to allow entrepreneurs to flourish, noting that his journey would never have been so successful if not for the opportunities that had opened up thanks to this supportive system.

The Company was also recently featured by popular social media influencer and millionaire, ‘Mo Vlogs’, who enthusiastically promoted Agroturf’s services to over one million subscribers. In addition to this, Agroturf has supplied and implemented landscaping services and artificial grass products to various private and Government facilities in the region, building its reputation among clients of all ranges.

Founded and headquartered in Dubai, Agroturf is involved in the delivery of landscaping services and synthetic grass products in UAE and other Middle Eastern markets, including Saudi Arabia, Oman and Qatar, providing solutions tailored to sports fields, interior gardens, hotels and restaurants, and events and trade shows.