Our nursery of budding decorators:
Harness Mother Nature’s blessing to create a heavenly space with Agroplant’s range of plants that will make mesmerizing gardens and breathtaking patios.


If your home boasts a magnificent water feature or you are planning on installing one, then you definitely need some aquatic plants to brighten up your feature. Transform your water feature into a magical glade with these plants. If you have a freshwater or saltwater aquarium you will definitely need some aquarium plants to bring life to your tank. Not only that, we even sell pond plants to make a piece of art into a masterpiece. Plants have the ability of recreating the feeling of being close to nature.. All of these aquatic plants are grown in our nursery with the utmost care and we look forward for our plants to beautify your space.

Plant Pots

Bringing a touch of Mother Nature indoors becomes possible with some well-produced, stylish plant pots. Plant pots come in a diverse range of sizes and eye-catching shapes that can suit your gardening style or décor, be it chic, classy, contemporary or classical. If you want to decorate your window sills, bring the tropics to your foyer or grow a bunch of herbs in your kitchen, plant pots are a crucial. The plant pots manufactured at Agroplant are highly durable and made of the best materials. We make plant pots from various materials- metal, plastic, wood and so on. So, come to us to find the right container to spruce up your indoor space.


Grasses have a tendency of turning a beautiful garden into a cozily stunning haven. The green herbaceous carpet of true grass or the graceful occasional arches of fountaingrass have the power of performing wonders. At Agroplant’s we sell a wide range of ornamental grasses that transform into a beautiful shade at the change of every season, are a favorite of birds, beautify the edges of your pond or water feature or any other purpose for that matter. All of these grasses are grown in our nursery with extreme attention and we look forward for them to add more color to your backdrop.


Palm plants are considered as the most famous of house plants in the entire globe. You can see palms decorating boulevards, street corners, indoor shopping malls, cozy restaurants and obviously in houses or gardens. Nothing exudes the tropical vibe like a well grown palm plant. It seems to blend the beauty of the tropics with the luxuriousness and grandiose of its height. Palms are so famous because they are the proof of hassle-free gardening, are adaptable to most temperatures, readily available and easy on the pocket. Not only that, they do not have many problems like most other indoor plants. All the palm plants sold in Agroplant are bought up with lot of care and we are sure they will make a great statement piece for your space.


Flowering vines and climbing plants are a favorite of many gardeners and soft landscapers because of their tiny little twists of stems and leaves that creep up any surface and beautify them. These climbing plants have a plus point of growing quickly and can be arranged to trail over pergolas, fences and walls to give that oomph factor to the structure. Vines, no doubt, add splendor to the plants they trail over, with their wispy, coiled tendrils hanging in the air and their beautiful flowers afloat in the sky. All of these flowering vines are brought up in our nursery with a lot of attention and care and we are waiting for them to add some flowering versatility to your garden.


If you are the kind that enjoys savoring the gains of your seasonal garden, then fruits are a must have in your backyard. There is something fulfilling and heart-touching about growing fruits, maybe it is the thought of their sweetness in your mouth that brings about that feeling. From decadent strawberries to tropical figs, growing a fruit plant in your garden not only adds a unique type of beauty, it adds a sense of warmth in your heart. It’s like growing a jam jar in your garden. At Agroplant we make sure that these trees are paid much attention and are bought up with care. This allows to assure that they will be strong participants of your jam-tastic garden.


Mulches are the sheets of material or loose layers that are placed on the soil mostly for protection. They can be used over compost or soil to pack in moisture and keep the sun’s rays at bay to prevent overheating. The advantages of using mulches in your garden are many, decoration being one of them. These barriers prevent weeds and other unnecessary plants from growing in your flower beds and at the same time keep soil-borne diseases away from your precious plants. These mulches are produced by Agroplant with all your gardening purposes in mind, so don’t hesitate to come choose your flowerbed security blanket.

Indoor Plants

Plants bring the beauty of Mother Nature in an otherwise symmetrical and concrete space with their curved branches, colorful leaves and fragrant flowers. If you want to bring a touch of the tropics, a nostalgic reminder of your grandma or a gift for your friend with a green thumb, Indoor plants do the trick of replacing a well-manicured garden. Especially for those living in concrete jungles a small terrarium on your desktop or a bunch of gorgeous plants in the corner of your bedroom can be so much pleasing to the eye. All the indoor plants for sale at Agroplant are brought up with the highest level of care and maintenance. We are waiting for our flowering blooms to bring life to your otherwise symmetrical world.


These green soldiers from the arid zones of the world exude a tempting ‘touch me’ vibe that melts the hearts of many. Succulents come in a variety of colors ranging from burgundy to blue-green shades. Succulent plants are even versatile when it comes to the leaf types, ranging from needlelike to ruffle. The best part, they are easy to find and care for and are adaptable to varying climates. They can decorate courtyard, add a green touch to your windowsill or a decorative touch to your garden. It is the best companion for a person with a lazy green thumb. These succulents are grown in our nursery and will make a good addition to your plant corner.